The first filter elements made by ALTHOFFER goes back to the establishment of the company in 1809. In fact millings have been the first customers for the recovery of the most precious product, flour.

The main development occurred in the 60’ first with special fabrics and then with first needled filter media.

From the 70’ up to the end of 90’, continuous investments in needling, finishing and converting have been decided for the benefit of dust collection of flue gases. Polyester, polyacrilonitril, polypropylene, meta-aramide, polyphenylsulfid (PPS), polyimide (P84) and PTFE in various area weights and titles have been proposed to the customers.

In 2000 a complete line for needled filter media and finishing was installed at Rimbach Zell at the contrary of main competitors which were investing to far eastern countries.

In 2004 the attractivness of ALTHOFFER facilitated the cooperation with a german partner. In order to focus on the production of filter media, ALTHOFFER established step by step a subsidiary at Rimbach Zell and a branch in Italy, both in charge to supply ready-made filter elements to users and to OEMs.

Three years later ALTHOFFER gave up to its former German partner both converting companies. So ALTHOFFER re-acquired its independence and since that time, ALTHOFFER continues its single historical strategy.

Rich of its long experience, ALTHOFFER’s team gives to its customers a case by case respond and considers its specific aeraulics, its gas composition and the dust to be collected in each single customer’s equipment.

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